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Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey (NJ)

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey, your spine health is of utmost importance. At Shein Ortho, we specialize in advanced spine care tailored to individuals who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Our team of expert orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care to help you recover and regain your quality of life. Motor vehicle accidents can result in a range of spine injuries, from whiplash and herniated discs to more severe trauma. Our team at Shein Ortho has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating these injuries. We employ the latest advancements in spine care to ensure you receive the most effective and comprehensive treatments available.

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  • Comprehensive Spine Care

    After a motor vehicle accident, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive spine evaluation to identify any injuries that may not be immediately apparent. At Shein Ortho, we conduct thorough assessments, including advanced imaging, to pinpoint and address any spine-related issues. Your health and recovery are our top priorities.

  • Personalized Care Plans

    Every patient is unique, and so are their spine injuries. Shein Ortho takes a personalized approach to your care. We develop tailored treatment plans that consider your specific injuries and needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for your recovery.

  • Compassionate Support for Your Recovery

    We understand the physical and emotional challenges that come with motor vehicle accident-related spine injuries. Our team is here not only to provide medical expertise but also to offer compassionate support throughout your recovery journey. We’re dedicated to helping you regain your mobility and peace of mind.

Why Medical Diagnosis Matters Before Legal Consultation

We are orthopedic surgeons, not attorneys, and our mission is to provide you with precise and accurate medical diagnoses. Why is this important? Because when you understand your diagnoses, you will understand the rationale for all recommended treatment, whether conservative or interventional. As orthopedic surgeons, we have the experience of knowing when a condition would be best served with conservative, non-surgical management. Similarly, we know when problems would best be managed surgically. Without an accurate diagnosis, and without highly specialized musculoskeletal care expertise, you might find yourself cycling through repetitive, ineffective treatment. Don’t waste time being told to have care that you don’t need. Let us guide you.

After an injury, understanding the medical, insurance, and legal components of your care pathway can seem overwhelming. Don’t get lost in the woods. We can help untangle your confusion so that your injury diagnoses, insurance coverage, and legal options are crystal clear. Contact Shein Orthopaedics today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards understanding your condition, and your treatment options as you empower yourself with the tools and knowledge you need for a successful recovery.

It’s crucial to understand the extent of your injuries. This is where our expertise as orthopedic surgeons comes into play. We specialize in evaluating and diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries, including those resulting from accidents or workplace incidents. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of your condition, its impact on your life, and the best course of medical treatment for you.

Injured? Don’t delay your medical care. Getting a thorough medical diagnosis from us ensures that you receive the care and treatment you need to recover as fully as possible. It’s not just about addressing immediate concerns; it’s about your long-term well-being. We can also help you understand your insurance coverage and explain your legal options.

Understanding your diagnosis empowers you to make informed decisions about your treatment. With a clear picture of your condition, you can discuss your options with confidence, whether that involves conservative care or, if necessary, surgery. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and it’s the first step towards regaining control of your life.

Having an accurate medical diagnosis also strengthens your potential legal case. It provides documented evidence of your injuries and their impact, making it easier for your attorney to advocate on your behalf. We work closely with legal professionals when needed, ensuring that your medical records accurately reflect your condition and the treatment you’ve received.

At Shein Orthopaedics, our commitment is to your health and recovery. We partner with you to ensure you have the necessary medical information to make informed decisions about your future. We’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to recovery.


If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey and are experiencing spine-related pain or discomfort, don’t delay seeking specialized care. Contact Shein Ortho today to schedule a consultation with our spine specialists. Let us be your partner in your journey to recovery and a pain-free future.

Spine Testimonials

Alfonso B.

Diagnosis: Lumbar spine disc herniation with low back pain, radiculopathy, and claudication

Treatment: Lumbar discectomy, decompression, and fusion

Alison A.

Diagnosis: Spinal tumor, multiple lumbar spinal disc herniations, low back pain, radiculopathy, claudication, weakness

Treatment: Removal of spinal tumor, multi-level thoracic and lumbar spinal discectomies, decompression, and fusion.